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Beauty and the Gym

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We all know that it’s not generally a good idea to put on a full face of makeup for the gym, thanks to the threat of breakouts and smeared mascara. Still, some days you just don’t want to go out into the world bare-faced. Don’t use that as an excuse to skip your workout and stay home, though. 

Formosa asked Marta to reveal her Top 3 "Beauty and the Gym" secrets.

Marta, please name your MUST HAVE beauty item that you carry with you while attending the gym and why you can not go without it. Remember, "BEAUTY" is in the eye of the beholder.

"When going to the gym I must have my bottle of water and good lip balm, as my lips get very dry due to the amount of water I consume. I try to avoid tinted or the ones with flavour or I'll end up eating them off."

One in four women suffer from “gymtimidation”, a fear of going to the gym, or the hike and bike trail, or the outdoor yoga class, or the Zumba studio. 

Do you remember your very first time stepping food into the gym and what was your motivation? 

"Oh boy do I know that fear, I used to be very intimidated going in to free weighs section, but my PT has given me the confidence and taught me that I go gym for myself and shook that fear out of me lol.

​I do not recall the very first time, but I remember the most important time. Back in 2019 May I reached my personal rock bottom in regards to my weight and I was very miserable and just had no joy in life. and that was when I said enough is enough. So I made a decision and signed up to my local gym.

I was so nervous but found out that there were so many inspirational and motivating people there that helped me on my journey to better physical and mental health. And honestly the thought that when this is over (lockdown) I will be able to go back and see my gym buddies is what keeps me going."

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Do you prefer going to the gym WITH or WITHOUT makeup and why?

"I always try to go without any make up but (pre Covid) some days that was very difficult due to work and commuting so I would leave mascara on, but if it's weekend then definitely "bare" face. Why.... hmm when you reach my age you have to do everything you can to take care and protect your skin as decorative cosmetics can be unforgiving sometimes."


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