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Dark Under-Eye Circles?

What now?

Dark circles can develop when we have too little oxygen in the blood - due to stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise or bad air in small rooms.


Fine vessels around the eye start to narrow. Blood and tissue fluid build up, distribute themselves around the capillaries and shimmer through the skin as a bluish shadow - namely where our skin is already the thinnest, under the eyes.

Unfortunately, circles under the eyes give us a tired, sickly appearance. We don't want to encounter this optical killer every day, so here are some simple tricks you can use to reduce the discoloration.

Cooling against dark circles - these home remedies can help

Ice-cooled compresses and chilled gel masks straight from the freezer compartment, for example, stimulate blood circulation. This also helps wonderfully with puffy eyes.


Small beauty hack: put a spoon in the freezer and leave over night. Take the spoon our in the morning and leave a side for a few minutes. Gently press the area around the eyes in the morning.

Caution is required for sensitive skin. The spoons must not be too cold, otherwise they cause damage to the top layer of skin.


The cold causes the blood vessels to contract and the metabolism gets going.

Chilled cucumber slices are also pleasant. 

Also very popular among home remedies as a freshness boost for the eye: cooling with compresses made from cold chamomile tea, green or black tea.


To do this, simply pour the tea on, let the tea bags cool down, put them in the freezer for a moment and place them gently under the eyes.


None of the mentioned tea bags in the house? Then use Quark. The dairy product should come out of the refrigerator well chilled. Apply a teaspoon under each eye, leave on for up to 15 minutes and then gently remove with a damp cloth.

Friends Covering Eyes
Girl Sleeping


Sleep enough and with the window open if possible, do not lie down without a pillow (this could block the lymph under your eyes) and go outside to get some fresh air as often as possible.

A short nap at lunchtime can also help. And try to go without salt every now and then, or at least reduce your intake where possible.

Diet and dark circles

Drinking is top priority - especially if you have puffy eyes, causing the lymph fluid to builds up around the eye. These deposits can be washed out again with a lot of water.


Tip: A deficiency of minerals such as iron or zinc can lead to dark circles under the eyes. Foods containing vitamins A and C, such as mango, pumpkin, kale, broccoli and spinach, are great against dark circles.

Try to include those into your daily diet where possible.

Pumpkin Seeds
Makeup Studio


Covering dark shadows with makeup: Here's how

Traces of tiredness can be camouflaged with concealer,  try a shade lighter than the rest of your complexion.


Firstly, apply a moisturizing eye cream and dab the brightener on very thinly from the inside out with a brush or gently pat in with your ring finger. This will prevent the concealer to settle in wrinkles.  


Purple concealer can help against a yellowish tinge or pale skin tone, green against red areas around the eyes, yellow against bluish-purple discoloration and dark circles under the eyes. Pink concealer can make the eye area shine again, especially with tired eyes.


Still Puffy?

Metabolism slows down at night. Our diets also play a role in how we wake up the next morning.


If we have eaten very salty food during the day (for example soy sauce with sushi in the evening), water accumulates under the eyes. Your Eyes will look thick and puffy the next day.


Quick help: Now the lymph flow is happy about a little jump start. First, gently tap your fingers from the bridge of the nose over the cheekbone to the temples, then stimulate the upper eyelid in the same way.

Finally, repeat the process with gentle stroking movements about 20 times.


SOS tip from the kitchen: Place cotton pads soaked in cooled, fresh espresso on your closed eyes for about 10 minutes. Caffeine has a detoxifying and vasoconstricting effect.


For the future: eat less salty food (especially in the evening).


Woman Applying Eye Cream
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