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Makeup Brushes

Clean brushes are a MUST for a perfect make-up look. Bacteria and germs can lead to skin blemishes. And let's be honest - the idea of ​​using a make-up brush with skin oil, make-up and powder residues or eye shadow on it is not very pleasant... to say the least.

You should therefore clean your beauty utensils thoroughly on a regular basis. What many do not know: It works very easily in the cutlery basket or in the cutlery drawer of your dishwasher.

Make-up brushes can be effectively cleaned with home remedies. An insider tip is cleaning with a mild shampoo. The bristles remain pleasantly soft and are gently cleaned. Citric acid removes germs and leaves a fresh scent. Vinegar essence has the same effect. Don't worry: your brushes smell clean and neutral after cleaning and not like vinegar. However, all of these options have one disadvantage: they cost time. If you use several brushes a day, it can be quite annoying.

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