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Daily Lip Care

Lip butter and lip balms are particularly suitable for everyday use. Both variants provide the lips with moisture and protect against dehydration and cracks. Lip butter and balms come in a wide variety of flavors and fragrances - essential oils or beeswax also have a regenerating effect on the skin of the lips. During the summer months, lip balm sticks with a sun protection factor are recommended to ensure the delicate skin remains supple even when exposed to UV radiation.

Luscious Lips

By the way: We often tend to lick our lips when they feel dry, but be warned against this: the saliva evaporates, dries out and thus causes even more brittle and sensitive lips.

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Lip butter is suitable for daily lip care - it often contains more intensive nutrients and is applied with the fingers. Therefore, it is important to wash your hands before applying to avoid bacterial infections. If you want to treat your lips to an even more effective pampering program, you can use honey as a lip balm. It moisturizes and leaves your lips velvety soft - it is important to resist the delicious temptation and let the honey work for five to ten minutes. Then remove with a tissue and do not lick to avoid saliva on the lips.

Inspired by Asian beauty rituals, lip masks offer a quick and effective solution to problem lips. They also have different effects on the skin of the lips, depending on the aroma and ingredients, for example moisturizing, repairing or protecting. An alternative to 15-minute masks are fatty creams that can be applied overnight. They take care of you while you sleep and promise soft lips when you wake up.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is not only a remedy for dry lips, but also protects sensitive skin from harmful environmental influences and helps heal cracked corners of the mouth. Coconut oil can easily be filled into a small jar and used as everyday care.


Cocoa and Shea Butter

Rich cocoa butter especially restores moisture to lips damaged by the sun. During the cold months, when our skin is exposed to cold, wind and weather, shea butter is a suitable home remedy.

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Honey and Quark

Pure care with honey is already very effective and, as a natural balm, gives soft, supple lips. But the combination of honey and quark is an effective solution for combating severely chapped lips: the natural care properties of honey and the cooling, calming effect of quark give the lips intensive care. Mix the cream from the two ingredients, apply it and leave it on for about ten minutes. Then simply dab off.

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