Hold on, Potatoes help against Acne, can this be true?

Yes, our skin can benefit from potatoes. The potato contains many vitamins and nutrients. For example, a high amount of vitamin C, which can neutralize dark spots and thus ensure a balanced complexion. In addition, the starch in the potato soothes inflammation (and thus pimples and acne as well) and soaks up excess oil, which is usually the cause of blemished skin.

Organic Potatoes

Most importantly, potato glycoalkaloids can reduce cytokines. These are molecules that are released by cells of the immune system and regulate inflammation and immunity, among other things.If you simply want to get rid of a blackhead or pimple, you can try the DIY hack right away. But first do a test on the inside of your arm to see how your skin reacts to the potato.

However, anyone who struggles with severe acne is unlikely to notice a big change from this trend. After all, research into good products and treatments would not take place for years and years if a common food product that can be found in most households would be sufficient. In addition, anyone who has a potato or latex allergy should keep their hands off it. Because both are said to have a connection.

How to:

  • Wash potatoes before peeling. If the potato is washed afterwards, it loses almost all of its benefits

  • Peel the potato completely

  • Divide the potato into several thick slices without wiping them off Patch test on your arm

  • Massage the face with a potato slice in circular movements

  • Leave on for ten minutes and then rinse off


Danger: If your skin feels weird, itchy, or burns, rinse your face right away. Also, always remember that the potato cannot replace any tested product. Although it has good properties, the trend should be treated with caution.